Sunday May 14, Mothers Day
4PM-8PM Open for Dinner

Friday, May 26
1PM-9PM Open for Lunch and Dinner

Saturday May 27
4PM-9PM Open for Dinner

BY PHONE: 413-584-8000

Reservations are highly recommended, especially for weekends and special events. (Valentine’s Day, New Years, Graduation etc.)

To streamline our process, we have partnered with ResDiary.  Online reservations are accepted until 3:30pm for that particular day.  After 3:30pm, please call us directly at 413-584-8000 to book for that day.

Please choose a date and use the red tabs to specify your requests.

We offer a clean and safe dining environment for you and your loved ones.  Please take note of and honor our suggested dining times:

  • 90 minutes/1.5 hours for parties of 2
  • 120 minutes/2 hours for parties of 3+

Credit cards are required to secure reservations for:

  • Parties over 5 guests and
  • Special events (Valentine’s Day, New Years, Graduation etc.)

Reservations are done on a first come first serve basis.  We strive to honor all seating requests, but cannot guarantee them, unfortunately.

Please inform us of any cancellations/changes within 24 hours of your reservation.  No prior notification will result in:

  • A $25 per person Cancellation Fee applied to your credit card and/or
  • ResDiary blocking future reservation attempts

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward in serving you.

Martin, Maritza and Alina.

Directions to Alina’s Ristorante, Hadley, MA