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76. Bordeaux, Chateau Clarke, France $45

Unbelievable dense red color, warm bouquet, tar notes, many prunes. In the palate a Cabernet drug, extremely concentrated, a lot of black berries, teak wood, dark chocolate, extremely long finish.

77. Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Vieux Lazaret, France $50

This wine shows a dense ruby/purple color and a gorgeous nose of camphor, blackberry, kirsch, some roast beef and Provencal herbs. Full-bodied with great intensity, beautiful purity and a multi-dimensional mouthfeel.

78. Rioja, Marques De Caceres, Gran Reserva, Spain $45

Ripe, vibrant and grabby, with full tannins framing plum and berry flavors along with accents of tobacco and earth. Lightly oaky on the finish, with a vanilla note and dryness.

79. Shiraz, Three Rings, Barossa Valley, Australia $45

The color is deep midnight black with a squid ink hue. An expressive and powerful notes of dark and exotic berries leads to a full-bodied wine that has a palate of dark and rich chocolates, traces of tar, leather and spice, with a core of supple, yet immense, fruit-driven characteristics, with a flavor-wrapped finish towards the end of the palate.

80. Cab/Shiraz, Bin 389, Penfolds, Barossa Valley, Australia $60

Dense deep red color. Complex and true to House Style and brimming with mocha/coffee ground aromatics, heightened by tar/bitumen “black” notes. Appealing char and creamy, vanillin oak detected ever-so-subtly in the background. Naturally, a flurry of fruits, spice and varietal markers abound. The palate, in a couple of words, voluminous and powerful. A sensory stratification of layers of taste – separated via time-of-detection and unravelling of flavors. Tannins awashed, oak absorbed, fruit awakened.